Billing Services

Need billing assistance? vRad’s experienced team makes billing for final interpretations easy and can help improve your reimbursements.

vRad offers two billing options for final interpretations to meet your needs — Fee-for-Service and Payer Direct. Our extensive billing experience ensures ease of integration, implementation and ongoing administration.

Fee–for–Service overview and benefits

Clients pay vRad a fee for all interpretations performed and the Client is responsible for billing and collecting the reimbursement from the payers* and patients. (*Medicare billing for teleradiology is very complex and an exception for which vRad has a time-tested solution to bill Medicare and Medicare patients directly for our Clients’ Medicare volume and remit the reimbursement received from Medicare or from Medicare patients back to the Client. vRad’s experienced team will walk you through the set-up of our proven process and will provide detailed accounting reports and denial management.)

Benefits of vRad’s Fee-for-Service solution include:

  • Simple process, easy to implement
  • Confidence billing is done correctly
  • Compliance with all Medicare billing rules for teleradiology
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients
Payer Direct overview and benefits 

vRad bills third-party payers directly and collects reimbursement as payment for interpretations performed. vRad’s experienced team processes claims for professional services provided at approximately 1,000 locations. We bill thousands of payers spread across all 50 states and US territories.

vRad’s team of billing experts works with all available state Medicaid payers and all MACS in every jurisdiction.  When you partner with vRad for your Payer Direct Billing services, you receive our dedicated team for administrative and technical integration and on-boarding (HL7, radiologist enrollment, etc.).

Benefits of vRad’s Payer Direct solution include:

  • Mitigate reimbursement risk
  • Eliminate financial exposure for studies sent to vRad
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Ensure billing compliance with all payers

Contact us to learn more about how vRad’s final interpretation and billing solutions can help you make better decisions for the health of your patients and practice.