Bringing New Paradigms in Radiology Practices

Article on Pharma Tech Outlook

Today on Pharma Tech Outlook I posted a blog titled “Bringing New Paradigms in Radiology Practices”, which discusses how technology is a key player in the world of radiology. But we can’t forget that we make decisions on how to utilize and implement that technology—and those decisions drive the success of the technology. The power…

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The Radiology Checklist Manifesto

by Atul Gawande

I have just recently completed reading Atul Gawande’s latest book, The Checklist Manifesto.   I have read all three of his books and I find him to be one of the most gifted and outstanding authors around, with fantastic readability and thoughtfulness. I highly encourage giving any of his works a perusal. Radiology Standardization Standardization in Radiology…

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We Have Met the Future

iPads for Radiology

I can’t wait to “pinch and drag” to get a better look at potential abnormalities on a mobile screen! The New iPad for Radiology The 2048 x 1536 which you will read in all the current write ups on the newest Apple iPad should be meaningless to radiologists. The 3.1 million pixels are fine and…

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New Horizons in Breast Imaging: 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography

Conventional 2D mammography images the whole breast in one exposure. Two images of each breast at orthogonal angles to one another are then acquired in order to aid the physician in creating a mental 3D picture of the breast. This is to ensure that the doctor is able to extrapolate information from 2D pictures and…

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The Truth about Teleradiology

Today I would like to respond to a lecture presented at the recent Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. The lecture was entitled, “Outsourcing Emergency Radiology to Teleradiology Companies: The Debate Goes On.”  The presentation offered incorrect, unsupported statements about teleradiology and was based on a few anecdotal stories. I feel these…

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Helping Health Care Information Technology Catch Up

In my opinion, it is a great time to be an information technology professional in health care. I perhaps have a “right angle” view having spent 20+ years in other industries before jumping into health care. For the last 6 years, I have found the “digital deficit” in health care technology to be simply astounding….

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The sum of its parts – Segment 2

Yesterday I provided an overview of the metamorphosis of diagnostic imaging over the past 20 years and described the four main components of a modern radiology practice. Today, we take a look at how the integrated, synergistic approach to diagnostic imaging is greater than the sum of its parts. We are talking about synergy. The health…

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The sum of its parts…

My discussion for this entry is in two segments.  In the first segment I will discuss changes in radiology and the separate components of modern radiology practices that need to be integrated to create a more healthy practice, department and hospital.  In the second segment I will discuss the 6 specific enhancements that can be…

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Google Health R.I.P.

Hello there, vRad blog readers. This is Samir Shah, M.D. typing, one of the vRad teleradiologists and one of the Medical Executive Committee members. Welcome to my hopefully thought provoking first post! My mother always told me I was opinionated, so here goes! Google’s PHR Should Have Reprieve Sadly, Google’s experiment with a PHR, or Personal…

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