Interesting Radiology Cases Presented by CMO Benjamin W. Strong, MD (ABR, ABIM)

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Thanks for checking out the new!

As part of our website refresh, I wanted to build upon the educational materials we already provide–such as CMEs and Industry webinars–by improving the way we present interesting cases.

Building upon the educational format I have developed for presentations, we hope to have built a tool that is educational and interactive. But before you get started, there are a few technical requirements you should be aware of. I have also created a brief guide on how we hope you’ll use the material.

Let’s get started!

How to Navigate the Cases:

When you land on the Interesting Cases page, all of our cases will populate the page starting with the most recent additions. If you want to choose a specific category, use the “categories” drop down to choose a category and hit “GO”. The page will refresh to only show interesting cases in that category.

To open the case, click “read more”. Once you’re on the case page, I recommend doing the following for the best educational experience:

  • Review the case video and try to identify any findings
    • Click and hold on the video player slider and slowly drag to preview images as you would in practice
  • Once you’ve reviewed the video, click the “Review the Findings” box to open up the color coded findings
    • I recommend reviewing any findings you missed in the video
  • Once you’ve reviewed the findings, can you make a diagnosis?
    • When you’re ready, click “Review the Diagnosis” to check your answer

Thanks for checking out our new interesting cases!

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